10 tips to get rid of a stuffy nose during pregnancy

10 tips to get rid of a stuffy nose during pregnancy -
get rid of a stuffy nose during pregnancy

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Are Have you found a stuffy nose during pregnancy, and it feels as if you have an allergy or a cold? If the answer is yes, well, relax!

Stuffy nose or nasal congestion is another common symptom during pregnancy. The hormones of pregnancy usually cause inflammation in the nasal passages leading to a stuffy nose. Nearly 30% of women experience congestion at some point in their pregnancy, and is also known as pregnancy rhinitis.

May start in the second month of pregnancy, and can worsen when you enter in the later stages. Congestion will ease after the child's delivery and heals within two weeks. Although his heals on its own, or whatever the reason may be, to know the causes and take the right action helps to prevent disease and stay healthy for the entire pregnancy.

Causes As a stuffy nose during pregnancy:

  • Additional estrogens: The estrogen oil produced in the body during pregnancy influences the production of mucus. The higher levels of estrogen due to swelling of the mucous membranes lining the nose and, consequently, the cause to produce more mucus
  • increase blood :. The increased blood volume during pregnancy inflames the small blood vessels in the lining of the congestion of the nose and the cause. It can also cause nosebleeds which is another common symptom.
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Bottom Line: greater amounts of estrogen and increased blood volume during pregnancy causes you to make more mucus, causing so stuffy nose

has a stuffy nose due to other that pregnancy. ?

If stuffy nose accompanied with no other symptoms, it is perhaps of pregnancy rhinitis. But, if the stuffy nose has other symptoms as well, may be due to the following reasons:

  • Infections and cold: If you have nasal congestion, cough, sneezing, aches mild sore throat or fever, it is likely that any other infection or cold
  • Sinus :. If there are symptoms such as headache, fever, yellow or green mucus, facial pain, low nose or a sore upper jaw, you have sinusitis, as well as

[Read: sinus during pregnancy ].

  • allergies: If you have nasal congestion and watery mucus, sneezing, itchy eyes, throat, nose or ears, then the real cause may be allergies. Allergies are unpredictable during pregnancy. It can also become sensitive to allergens that they never bothered before.

Whatever the cause, you can not find the real cause of nasal congestion during pregnancy because all these infections are related. And there are chances that you may also suffer because of a mineral

Bottom Line :. cold, cough, infections, sinus problems and allergies all contribute to nasal congestion or runny nose.

Tips To get rid of a stuffy nose during pregnancy:

There are several simple tips you can take to get rid of a stuffy nose during pregnancy. While medications are not the right choice to take during pregnancy, there are some natural remedies that are safe.

1. Inhaling steam:

take the hot water in a bowl. Now place your head over the bowl of hot water and try to inhale the steam. Try to breathe and breathe for a while. It helps relieve nasal congestion and get calming effect. It also helps you breathe better.

2. humidifier use:

You can place a vaporizer or humidifier in the room during the sleep time. It adds moisture to the room that helps relieve stuffy nose that is bothersome during sleep. You should regularly clean humidifiers and change the water so that there is no margin for bacterial growth.

3. Saline drops or spray:

saline spray containing saline solution. You can drip a drop in each nostril, and you can feel the difference within 5 to 10 minutes. You will find yourself blowing your nose more easily

. [Read: And 'safe to use a ] nasal spray decongestant during pregnancy

4. Homemade Nasal Lavage:

Take a pint of sterile water and add salt and baking soda sodium, a teaspoon each. Mix well and pour a little 'in the palm of your hand. Now try sniffing in each nostril and repeat until you find relief. Repeat this operation twice to three times a day and make the fresh washing every time.

5. Blowing Nose:

Hold one nostril with your thumb and gently blow through the other side. It will force the air out through one nostril at a time, which closes the passage. Repeat the same with the other nostril until you can breathe properly.

6. Elevate your head:

Use pillows to raise your head while you sleep. It helps relieve nasal congestion and heartburn as well.

7. Exercise:

Light exercise or brisk walking clears nasal congestion. Do not try to exercise outdoors as air pollution can worsen congestion and worsen the situation. Perform cardiovascular exercises regularly for a better airflow and sleep

. [Read: Walking during pregnancy ]

8. Avoid irritants:

Cigarette smoke, paint, alcohol, strongly scented agents can all aggravate the symptoms stuffy nose . You should avoid these triggers.

9. Stay hydrated:

Consume plenty of water as it not only reduces congestion, but also keep you and your growing healthy fetus

10 .. Apply Vaseline :

The inflamed nasal passage becomes dry and causes burning sensation. To keep it moist, you can dab some petroleum jelly on a cotton ball and apply.

11. Vitamin C intake:

If you increase your intake of vitamin C in your diet, there are opportunities to reduce nosebleeds. You must include vitamin C and fruit vegetables such as kiwi, tomatoes, oranges and peppers in your diet. But, it is always best to take the advice of your doctor before including these foods

[Read: benefits of vitamin C during pregnancy ].

Bottom Line :. Although home remedies do not work at all, at least reduce symptoms and prevent further complications

Can drugs help Clear blocked nose?

If congestion becomes more miserable and none of the above remedies work, you should consult your doctor. It 'better to avoid drugs in the first trimester of pregnancy unless your doctor recommends them in particular.

You can use a decongestant if the doctor agrees, but again overuse of decongestants can aggravate the inflammation and makes the congestion worse.

Bottom Line :. and 'better to limit the use of drugs during pregnancy and go for the safest remedies

If you are still unsure, and are not able to get rid of a stuffy nose , you should consult your doctor. Also, remember that the condition clears on its own after delivery. You can also share your thoughts and comments if any

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